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Convert HTML including CSS, JavaScript, JSB (JavaScript Sandbox) to Android application.

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Features you love

Server-side scripting with JavaScript & Java libraries

Provide JSB techniques (JavaScript Sandbox) for server-side processing.

Able to use JavaScript for coding server-side pages.

Provide API for using features from open source Java libraries.

Client-side customizing with JSM files

Able to use Velocity template engine & JSON data files for designing HTML pages.

Virtual File System

Provide Unix-like file system which be able to mount special devices to virtual file system such as ZIM files, FTP, WebDAV, etc.

Extensible code with kernels, blueprints

Embed blueprints which is program skeleton for your needs such as blog, store, playlist, etc.

Embed kernels which provide Java features for your needs.

Extensible design with artworks

Embed artworks which provide images, stylesheets, javascripts for your needs.

Extensible data with datasets

Embed datasets which provide data and data processing features for your needs.

Password Protected Files

Protect files on your device from public access with password.

Sample Built Apps

perspective phone

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Deliver prototype

Design prototype UI with HTML, CSS, JavaScript; code mocked features with JSB.

Using Velocity template engine & JSON data files to design prototype UI.

Fast coding mocked features with JSB (JavaScript Sandbox) and Java libraries

Distribute web games

Keep players focused on playing your game.

Build Android apps for your web games by Staro Coley - HTML to APK Converter. This helps players concentrate on playing your game.


Build mobile apps with ease

Easily build mobile apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSB.

Distribute multimedia materials

Easily distribute multimedia materials with HTML, JSB and ZIM file system.

By embedding ZIM file system, you can easily distribute multimedia materials such as offline Wikipedia, offline StackOverflow. Visit Kiwix for details.

dual phone

How to run

1. Create new account on, if you have not one. 2. Purchase software via Fiverr. Write down your order no. from Fiverr, for example, FAEWAG2 3. Create a data collection whose name is order no., for example, data://.my/FAEWAG2 4. Visit this page. Click on button. 5. Fill Algorithmia API Key and Staro Coley Order No. Click on "Register" button. 6. Download generated buyer information file and send it to us via Fiverr. 7. Build first apk file for setting up. Visit this page. Click on button. 8. Fill Algorithmia API Key, Staro Coley Order No., Build File URL, Config File and Config Name. Click on "Convert" button. 9. Download built APK file.

1 $sc / built APK file

    10 Staro Credits ( $sc )
    Splash screen
    App icon
    App title bar color
    Action menu icon
MORE $500
    500 Staro Credits ( $sc )
    Splash screen
    App icon
    App title bar color
    Action menu icon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow me to add ads to built apk?

Yes. You can add /ads.jsb with code to redirect to ads page or load ads template. You can specify how long ads displayed after app loaded and how long it remains displaying. You can also call 'showAds' or 'hideAds' from JSB file. You can also specify displayed ads URL.

Do you allow me to specify starting URL of built apk?

Yes. You can specify starting URL in config file.

Do built apk has index file such as .html for each folder?

Yes. Index files can be .html, .htm, .jsb, .jsm

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Staro Coley 0.0.3 is available on Algorithmia.

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